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My Role as iCoach Global Faculty Member

I'm thrilled to share a little slice of my journey as one of our iCoach Global faculty members. I've been on the team since 2022, and it's been such a special experience. It's also nice to be called "young" as I approach a big birthday coming up this year. Check out my interview with Jeremy Robinson, the brains behind iCoach Global.

Below is the original blog post written by my esteemed colleague, Jeremy:

Sarah Savella, PCC, MA graduated from our program in 2015.  She’s held roles in Organizational Development, Talent Management, and Head of People. She’s worked at several organizations in these roles, before launching her own business, several years ago.  She does Executive and Group Coaching, Training, and Consulting related to training and OD work.  She works with Global Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, and is now working globally with a handful of international orgs via Zoom.

Sarah heads up Sponsor Engagement at ICG.  She’s responsible for finding new Pro Bono Sponsors for iCoach Global participants’ executive coaching engagements, as well as coordinating pro bono engagements with our previous Sponsors. Previously, she’s taught different classes in our program and has been excellent at helping us make tweaks to our curriculum.

Sarah and I partnered previously for more than four years at two start-ups. I observed Sarah running and co-leading Offsites, LT meetings and coaching and consulting with LT members. She was the Head of People while I coached the CEO at both orgs.

Having had this experience, gives you a front seat at how a colleague manifests values, how they treat people, and how they lead and think.  Working with Sarah, I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator.  I thought she was excellent as we began. By the time one organization we worked at was being acquired and we both had to leave, I knew she was exceptional.  

At iCoach Global, our participants and our Faculty receive the benefit of Sarah’s multi-dimensional skills.  And- she’s still growing.  She’s yet to do any Supervision and Mentor Coaching in our Program. It’s something both Faculty colleagues and I hope Sarah will get involved with starting in 2025.

Meanwhile, we’re counting down the weeks until our 2024 Professional Coaching Program kicks off on Friday February 23rd.  We do still have a few of open spots in our virtual classroom.  We only run this program one time per year- so this is it for 2024. Look at the 2024 Syllabus posted on

If you’re inspired by what you read, and you think you have the right stuff to thrive in our rigorous program, reach out to us at for an interview.

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