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People Strategy and Programs

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You may be in early stages looking to create the foundation for your people programs or you may have an established structure and need targeted support. We'll help you develop strategy from the ground up and implement customized programs to meet your needs.

Organizational Design and Alignment:

Understanding your business strategy and designing your organization and teams to deliver results

  • Solutions include: organization design, team chartering, roles and responsibilities alignment, mission/vision/values creation, team effectiveness, process improvement for collaboration

Talent Management and Development:

Creating integrated frameworks across the employee lifecycle to attract, develop, motivate, and retain your talent

  • Solutions include: performance management strategy and structure, succession planning, career pathing and development experiences, learning programs and facilitation, goal setting

Start-up Foundations:

Building HR infrastructure and capability to support early stage people strategy and basic needs

  • Solutions include: needs assessment, people roadmap development, performance and talent management structure, organization and team design, competency identification and leveling, recruiting and onboarding tools, employer branding

Change Management:

Supporting both small- and large-scale org transformation to create alignment and buy-in through change

  • Solutions include: communication strategies and plans, change impact analysis, stakeholder management, HR change support, Leading/Navigating Through Change training

Leadership Growth and Alignment:

Developing leaders for enhanced effectiveness and aligning executives to drive strategy, vision, and culture

  • Solutions include: leadership team workshops and offsites, senior leadership coaching, manager effectiveness training and assessment, culture definition and norm setting
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