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"I've worked with Sarah for a few years as a coach, meeting weekly for hour-long sessions. I particularly appreciate Sarah's unique questions that get me thinking about creative solutions to the challenges we are facing. She is very good at assessing a situation and knows how to appropriately push for progress. I always leave our conversations feeling challenged, but supported in the tasks or actions I need to take. Sarah also has a great ability to tie together themes from across our sessions to help me see trends that need to be celebrated or corrected, ones that I am often too deep in the weeds to notice or acknowledge on my own. I look forward to our sessions, knowing that it is a safe space to unload some of the stress I am feeling. But I  understand that she is going to absorb this information and then inspire and motivate me to address each issue in creative and constructive ways. Sarah is an integral part of my personal team that drives my success in this role.”

Chief Operating Officer

Healthcare & Financial Technology

A product and sales leader transitioning to a new organization, looking to define his leadership brand, make a fast and strong impact, and navigate complex dynamics on a growth company and team.

"Working with Sarah has been immensely beneficial. She has a remarkable talent for delving into one's core values and personal strengths, guiding how these can be leveraged for success in the workplace. Her data-driven approach, coupled with a comprehensive toolkit, ensures one is well-equipped for any professional challenge. This I found to be exceptionally valuable. Moreover, Sarah is an outstanding sounding board during challenging times. She possesses a unique ability to calmly navigate through complex situations, helping to dissect emotions and dynamics, and steering towards a logical and effective strategy. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to work with Sarah and eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration in the years ahead.”

Head of GTM Sales

Software Development / Big Tech

"Working with Sarah has been a transformative experience.  Sarah revolutionized my leadership style in a manner that has empowered my success, and most importantly, the success of those around me.  At the core of Sarah’s many strengths lies an uncanny ability to be an authentic listener who fosters an environment of trust, rapport, and a recognition that my long term success is her paramount concern.  This leads to impactful discussions highlighted by Sarah’s powerful thought provoking questions and observations that unlock your true potential.  Sarah challenged me while providing strong advice, encouragement and support at every turn. Through her guidance, I’ve been able to navigate complex business circumstances, better define strategy, develop strong team dynamics, strengthen interpersonal relationships, build on strengths and tackle growth areas head on.  I couldn’t overstate the impact Sarah has had on my career - partnering with Sarah will lead to unimaginable results.”

Vice President, Head of Capital Markets

Financial Technology

"Sarah has been a very strategic and collaborative partner for us as we set up our People organization. As an early stage startup there are many decisions that we need to make ranging from total rewards and performance management to organizational design, leadership and overall company culture. Sarah combines her expertise in these areas with thorough research and best practices to understand the different approaches available, and then helps us narrow down on what will be right for our company. She excels at leading the conversation and keeping the team focused on the overall objective. Sarah's leadership and partnership are a critical part of our success.”

Head of Corporate Operations

Insurance Tech

A senior leader transitioning into an executive role and looking to evolve her influence from a great executor to an owner of company strategy. 

"I've had the great fortune to work with Sarah multiple times in my career and have left every conversation thinking differently about my approach to leadership. Sarah has a unique ability to ask me the questions I need to be asking myself - creating the space and the sounding board to be both self-critical and self-confident. She matches deep empathy with tactical pragmatism in the way that all early stage executives need so that I leave each conversation with clear next steps, deeper self awareness, and an action plan. In my most recent engagement with Sarah, we partnered through a time of organizational change, personal role change, life changes and evolving business needs to make sure that I was delivering the highest possible impact for my team, my company, and my customers. Her advice and probing questions enabled me to focus on what mattered most, built a lasting platform for my organizational influence, and continue to be a resource whenever I need a sounding board. I can't recommend Sarah more highly.”

Vice President, Product

Financial Technology

An international program manager looking to bridge her experience and leadership in one field to developing strategies for driving impact in another.

"Of all the leadership coaching strategists I’ve researched and interacted with, Sarah struck me as having the most practical, relatable and time-sensitive approach. I was inspired and immediately moved to action by her tactical and interactive tools for developing my leadership brand. In addition, Sarah’s incisive questions prompted by her acutely-tuned active listening skills have helped me further shape and give meaning to my professional aspirations. Sarah is a ‘super-connector’ in her unique ability to bring focus to underlying threads that usher sustainable strategies and partnerships in developing a strong foundation for leadership success. With the coaching I received from Sarah, I feel exceptionally equipped with the right tools and frameworks to consistently drive my success and the success of those around me. We often do not seek a facilitator to help us define meaning and present it to the world. Sarah was THAT person for me, and she can be for you too. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you will undoubtedly experience the effects of her powerful formula uniquely tailored to your needs.”

International Program Manager


A product leader looking to redefine his career progression, further enhance cross-functional relationships, and build influence across the organization.

"In the three months I worked with Sarah I feel like I accelerated my career three years (at least!). My manager, peers and business partners all commented on the meaningful positive changes they saw in my interpersonal interactions and the influence and quality of my work. Sarah accomplished this by using her structured, approachable, conversational style to not only help me clarify my career aspirations but also equip me with actionable tools and techniques to guide me toward that achievement. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Senior Product Manager


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