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Tech and Start-Up Support

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We know that the Tech space is unique. Building strong people strategies and tactics is influenced by the need for fast-paced, scalable, and relevant programs.


The audience is more crucial than ever - team members want to learn and grow, have a purpose, and contribute to the business while achieving personal goals. Executive and leadership teams are often building the car while driving it, and at the same time balancing culture creation, innovation, and external stakeholder management. 


Combining tried-and-true methodology with an appropriate level of process and structure is key. As partners, we cut through the noise and develop solutions that are valuable for your stage and needs.

How We Help

Leadership Support

Executive Coaching
Interim Head of People
Team Offsites and Alignment

Strategy and Org

Org Design
HR Strategy and Roadmap
Project Support/Execution

Business Partnership

Acting Business Partner
Employee Relations
People Team Leader/Mentor

People Development

Manager Enablement
Performance Management
Learning/Career Development

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