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Our mission is simple: 

Help you take your business or leadership to the next level.

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With actionable strategies, deep insight, and customized solutions, The Savella Group is your go-to partner for organizational development and leadership growth. We meet you where you are and work together to help you be even better – all with the goal of delivering results for you and your business.

The work we do is both strategic and practical. We think big picture about your business needs and then design simple, tangible approaches to implement.

People Strategy

Build or evolve your next-level People Strategy and Programs

From developing strategy from the ground up to implementation of programs, processes, and systems – and everything in between – our services are customized to your exact needs. You may be a start-up looking to create the foundation for your people programs or you may have an established people structure and need targeted support in a specific area. 


We partner with clients on:

  • Organizational Development: Understanding your business strategy and designing your organization and teams to deliver results

    • Solutions include: organization design, team chartering, roles and responsibilities alignment, mission/vision/values creation, team effectiveness, process improvement for collaboration

  • Talent Management and Development: Creating integrated frameworks across the employee lifecycle to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive engaged employees

    • Solutions include: performance management strategy and structure, succession planning, career pathing and development experiences, learning programs and facilitation, goal setting

  • Change Management: Supporting both small- and large-scale org transformation to create alignment and buy-in through change

    • Solutions include: communication strategies and plans, change impact analysis, stakeholder management, HR change support, Leading/Navigating Through Change training

  • Leadership Growth and Alignment: Developing leaders and managers for enhanced effectiveness and aligning executives to drive strategy, vision, and culture

    • Solutions include: Leadership team workshops and offsites, senior leadership coaching, manager effectiveness training and assessment, culture definition and norm setting

  • Start-up Foundations: Building HR infrastructure and capability to support early stage people strategy, frameworks, and basic needs

    • Solutions include: Needs assessment, people roadmap development, performance and talent management structure, organization and team design, competency identification and leveling, recruiting and onboarding tools, employer branding


Elevate your game with Leadership and Executive Coaching


Are you a leader looking for targeted support to help you grow, get to the next level, become more effective, or feel more engaged in your work? Or, maybe you're an HR partner or Executive that sees immense potential in a leader at your organization who just needs and extra push to maximize his or her strength.


The Savella Group’s Leadership and Executive Coaching will support, guide, and motivate you to achieve what's next. You'll gain insight and awareness on how to best leverage your strengths, address your blind spots, and enhance your overall leadership effectiveness. And, our Coaching is customized to be most effective within the context of your business environment and culture.

Our Coaching includes:

  • 3- or 6-months of 1:1 customized Leadership Coaching (shorter-term Rapid Coaching also available)

  • Sessions built around targeted goals to achieve results

  • Feedback collection and assessments where valuable and relevant

  • Ongoing touch points in between sessions for ad hoc support 

  • Engagement of key stakeholders throughout the process

How it works:

  • Introduction/Intake – We begin with an initial session to assess your current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of the relationship, identify priorities for action, and establish specific desired outcomes. 

  • Discovery/Assessment –  We will together determine the best way to collect additional input into your areas of growth and opportunity. This can be done through personal assessments, as well as stakeholder interviews or an online 360. This helps create our coaching goals and actionable strategies, and provides a method for evaluating progress.

  • Goal Setting/Coaching – Together, we’ll set goals and work to achieve them through conversation, inquiry, assignments, observation and direct feedback, and other tools and techniques to support your thinking and actions. 

  • Wrap-up – At the end of the engagement, we’ll evaluate progress and work together to craft a plan forward. 

Coaching approach:

My philosophy is that coaching is a personal change journey that happens within a professional context. However, it’s not always huge transformation that is needed – most of the time, it’s the small changes that have the biggest impact. As we work together, we’ll dig deep into challenges and opportunities, while also using practical tools, approaches and techniques to make progress.

  • Style: My coaching is all about action and progress, while using reflection and insight for lasting change. I am both supportive and direct in observation and feedback, and I adapt my style to your needs. As part of the intake process, we will determine what you need from me as a coach, and I will ask you for ongoing feedback throughout our partnership.

  • Target audience: I work across age, tenure and level, with leaders who are high-potential (looking for general leadership growth), key talent (working on 1-2 targeted skill areas to become more effective), or in transition (new to the organization, in a new role). My sweet spot is working with first time senior leaders new to their senior-level roles. 

  • Coaching partnership: Coaching is a partnership between the coach, client, and organization. While the client is the primary stakeholder, the organization is just as important in a successful coaching engagement. I work with both the manager and coaching sponsor (often HR or an Executive) to best develop and support you for ongoing success. 

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